La Paz Malabo Hospital

As part of IMS’s holistic and comprehensive approach concept towards management, we assume responsibility to every aspect of the complex and delicate task of hospitals management. Every single healthcare personnel member is interviewed by the most senior managers of IMS.

Logistical aspects are also fully covered by IMS, to prevent medical supply shortages or electricity, oxygen and gas failures, which are crucial to the functionality of the hospitals 24/7. We understand that as most of our personnel are far away from their homeland, we must provide them with convenient and safe conditions regarding them and their families. Therefore, IMS built community compounds adjacent to each hospital.

Those compounds provide a secure and warm social environment, while taking care of education for the children and community cultural activities. We invest much our team, as it is our most precious asset and we want to express that appreciation. The approach proves itself again and again in each of the many hospitals we manage and operate. 

The same approach is implemented regarding the medical supply and equipment, when we import to Equatorial Guinea the most advanced medications and medical equipment directly from their manufacturers, to ensure total quality of operation.