IMS Ethical Guidelines- Policy

IMS International Medical Services GE sa (hereafter: “the company”) including its management board, employees and relevant entities is implementing a high standard of ethical behavior. We are committed to act according to the national and international laws in the markets where we are active and are acting according to all regulations.
We are embracing and implementing the following values:
1. Follow the law
2. Be honest
3. Act with integrity
4. Accountability
5. Comply with the code 
Acting with integrity and being honest-
Integrity is very important and fundamental to the company. By saying Integrity we mean that the management board is expecting from all the company’s managers and employees to behave in a good faith and implement the company’s code of conduct. The code of conduct provides guidelines as to how the company’s employees should conduct themselves as representatives of the company.
To implement the value of integrity all the company’s employees are signing a standard protocol where they are declaring to act in a good faith and according to the domestic law of the specific market where they are employed and to be accountable for the results of their actions. 
Bribe and corruption-
The global nature of our business often involves an interaction with officials around the world. Therefore the company’s management board has decided to set a very clear guidelines’ protocol which is forbidding any kind shape or form of bribe and corruption. The company will not accept any bribes whether they are offered/expected or taken. These guidelines are effective as well for any form of corruption.
How the company is minimizing the risk for a potential bribe, corruption and other harmful behaviors-
The company has prepared its inner protocol that is being signed by each of the managers and employees which enforces them to act in good faith and implement our strict guidelines. The company is also implementing the whistle blower program where it enables to report a certain behavior which must not be accepted and which is in contradiction to the company’s written code. Each employee of the company can report to its manager about such unaccepted behavior.